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Mac is a series of computers designed and developed by Apple. It was the first commercial personal computer for feature a Mouse and Graphical User Interface. These days, Mac computers become very popular and users, who were using Windows, are now switching to Macintosh. Apple�s switch to Intel processors also accounted for its popularity, which makes Mac computers less expensive, more powerful and comparable to its PC counterparts.

When a file is deleted from Mac, it is not actually removed from it. Mac computers have a holding place for deleted files called Trash, which holds the data after deletion operation is performed on it. Sometimes, Mac users may delete the files and accidentally empty the trash, in such a scenario, user has to use Mac recovery software to find recently deleted files Mac.

Mac file recovery tool is highly recommended by experts and it has a variety of features. The program supports the latest version of Mac OS X. The software not just recovers files which were deleted from Trash; it can also recover deleted files from formatted volumes or volumes that do not mount. This software also help to find recently deleted files Mac operating system with ease.

Possibilities to deleting files from Mac:

Unintentionally deletion of files from Trash: You might have accidentally removed the files from Trash using the Context Menu. When you delete files from the Trash, they are removed from it and there is no inbuilt option to restore files that are removed from Trash resulting in data loss. To find recently deleted files on Mac, you have to use this efficient tool.

Accidental deletion of files using Command Delete keys: The files that are deleted from Macintosh using Command Delete keys are not moved to Trash, instead they bypass the Trash. If you accidentally delete the essential files using Command Delete keys then you may lose those files as you cannot restore them from the Trash resulting in loss of files.

Files deleted using cut paste command: When you use Mac cut and paste command, files may get deleted from its destination location. This happens only when read / write process gets interrupted due to any reasons. Using cut and paste command for moving or transferring any file from one location to other is not the right way. Therefore, it is essential to use the correct method of file transferring in order to avoid the occurrence of such condition. To recover recently deleted files on Mac, make use of this prominent tool immediately.

Files get deleted due to anti- virus scanning: Anti-virus scanning can be the reason behind deletion of the file if the program detects any threat attached to it. It happens only when your file is infected by any virus or threat. The main function of anti-virus program is to destroy any kind of threat severely damage your system and can affect all the stored files. Therefore, if it finds any infected file then it erases that file permanently from the system in order to keep the system virus free.

Journal corruption: Mac OS X provides journaling feature to help protect the file system from unexpected system failures like power outages, improper system shutdown etc. It keeps a log of all disk transaction like move, delete, add copy etc. in a separate log file. When system is restarted after any system failures, this log file is used to repair the structure of the hard disk. If this log file gets corrupted due to some reason then you may lose files stored on Mac. No worry, this application will help you to find recently deleted files on Mac.

Precautions to be followed to avoid deletion of files on Mac:

  • Do not empty your Trash before scanning it twice to protect all important files from getting deleted.
  • Keep reliable anti-virus software in order to keep your system virus-free. Always scan third party applications before installing them to your system.
  • Keep a backup of important file in order to avoid data loss due to defrag failure.

Features of Mac OS X File Recovery Software:

  • Built with advanced scanning algorithms torecover recently deleted files on Mac faster and in a secure manner.
  • Restore recently deleted files from Mac hard drive, memory card, USB drives etc.
  • This tool helps you in restoring deleted photos and other media files from Mac computer. To restore recently deleted files from Mac easily, click this link
  • Provides efficient recovery of files that are recently deleted due to emptying Trash.
  • Restore recently deleted files from Mac volume / drive in within a minute.
  • This software supports Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, Mac Book Air etc., to know about Mac Book recovery read here.
  • The recovered files can be previewed before restoration for satisfaction to ensure whether the correct file has been recovered or not.

Necessary steps to find recently deleted files on Mac:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of deleted Mac file recovery software to recover recently deleted files on Mac. Once you launch the software, select "RECOVER FILES” from the main window.

Find Recently Deleted Files Mac - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select “RECOVER DELETED FILES” option to find recently deleted files on Mac OS X. Now select the logical drive from where you need to restore file. Then software starts scanning process.

Find Recently Deleted Files Mac - Select Recover Deleted Files

Fig 2: Select Deleted Files

Step 3: Once scanning is completed you can check out the the recovered files using “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”.

Find Recently Deleted Files Mac - View in File Type View / Data View

Fig 3: View in File Type View / Data View


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